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RSS Available RSS Feeds Experimental Service

RSS Agenda This is a experimental RSS service on the Houses' Web site covering the Weekly agenda and some other matters.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. This a simple system for informing you when new material has been added to a topic on a Web site that you are interested in. In our case, we are supplying a feed for our weekly agenda.

The feed above is being used for testing purposes, and includes our weekly publications "This Week in the Houses of the Oireachtas" and the "Committee Schedule". Future feeds could include legislation, econsultation matters, parliamentary debates, members' blogs, etc.

Getting Started with RSS

In order to get the benefits of RSS you will need a news aggregator installed on your PC, many of which are available free on the Web. There are also on-line new aggregators available, and some Web browsers, including Firefox and Opera automatically detect RSS feeds for you.

Some news aggregators are listed below. Be sure to choose one that is suitable for your operating system.

We would welcome your views on what RSS feeds would be of interest to you. Send your comments to webmaster@oireachtas.ie. eDemocracy Unit, Leinster House, Dublin 2, Ireland.