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Useful Web sites on the Union European and on European Affairs

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Europa, the European Union on-line. An informative site which provides a comprehensive overview of the unions activities and institutions in conjunction with a detailed analysis of its official documents

The website of the Irish institute of European affairs devotes itself primarily to the study and consequences of European integration from an Irish perspective while also possessing a useful resource on speeches and publications.

The European Parliament Office in Ireland site provides an insight into the workings of the Parliament in an Irish context, informing the public of issues from the committees to Irelands fifteen MEPs.

An independent European orientated news site, which provides helpful links to all aspects of the Union.

The Historical Archives of the European Union contains a vast collection of the historical back round of the European project utilizing the resource of the European University Institute. This coupled with a detailed search facility makes it an ideal starting point for research into the EU and its foundation.

This site has some helpful tools that allow the user to easily navigate through the policies and institutions of the EU.

A European partnership website consisting of more than 20 European Ministries of Education developing learning and resources for schools, teachers and pupils across Europe.

Euroguide. A user-friendly subject gateway site of all things European guiding the user through the maze of Euro jargon with a helpful A-Z search facility of all aspects of the European Union.

A non-profit site that provides essays, documents and articles from a European Union perspective, submitted by scholars and academics from around the world.

A voluntary website that aims to promote the economic, political and social development of Europe and Irelands place within Europe dealing with topics ranging from EU enlargement to the various treaties.

The National Forum on Europe facilitates a platform for debate on issues relevant to Irelands membership of an enlarging and evolving union while offering opinions and links to political parties, MEPs and a broad spectrum of social partners.

This site deals with Irelands relationship with the European Union and how it affects us in our every day lives. It also has the added bonus of a EU fast facts search facility and a gateway to the EU Commission Office in Ireland.

Here you will find links to information about the EU on the websites of national parliaments.

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