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Documents Laid before the Houses of the Oireachtas

Documents Laid


Documents are laid by departments or agencies to support the democratic process. They may be classified as follows:

  • Documents laid in obedience to a statute or in pursuance of an order of one or both Houses of the Oireachtas
  • Documents which are regarded for other reasons as necessary or of advantage to Members of the Dáil/Seanad in connection with the discharge of their duties as Members.

Typical examples of documents laid include:

  • Annual Reports
  • Statutory Instruments
  • In-House Committee Reports/Work Programmes
  • Reports of Tribunals of Inquiry and Correspondence
  • Green & White Papers
  • Statements pursuant to the Ethics in Public Office Act 1995
  • Statements in respect of Special Advisers to Ministers/Ministers of State
  • Annual Registers of Members Interests and Donation Statements/Statutory Declarations


The Library & Research Service manages the procedures for documents laid before the Houses. From 1st January 2012, an electronic documents laid facility is in place for use by departments and agencies and is the primary means of laying documents.

This system (eDocs Laid) replaces the previous paper based system.

Click here to access the electronic Documents Laid facility.

Please contact the docslaid office (docslaid@oireachtas.ie) to register and to request a username and password.

Please click here to review our Frequently Asked Questions

Paper Form

In the event that you must lay a document in paper format, this covering form should be carefully completed and accompany 6 copies of the document to be laid before the Houses of the Oireachtas.
Documents Laid Form

Documents Laid Form

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