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Mr. John (Jack) McQuillan

Mr. John (Jack) McQuillan

(30/08/1920 - 08/03/1998)

Profession: Member of Local Authority, Trade Union Official and Former Army Officer
Party: National Progressive Democrats (National Progressive Democrats members of the 11th Seanad)
  • House: 17th Dáil
  • Constituency: Roscommon
  • Period: 1961-1965
  • Party: National Progressive Democrats

Born 30 August 1920
Defeated in the 1965 Dáil election
Did not contest the Seanad election of 1969
Died 08 March 1998

 Máirín Quill

Máirín Quill

(15/09/1940 - )

Profession: Teacher
Party: Progressive Democrats (Progressive Democrats members of the 21st Seanad)

1 Wellesley Terrace
Wellington Road
Co. Cork


26th Dáil - Chairperson of the Select Committee on Crime [1991 to 1992]
Nominated to the Seanad 12 Deptember 1997

Mr. Timothy Quill

Mr. Timothy Quill

(09/05/1901 - 10/06/1960)

Party: Labour_Party (Labour_Party members of the 5th Dáil)

Defeated September 1927 election.