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line 60 select m.id , m.title, m.FirstNameEN, m.LastNameEN, m.FirstNameGA, m.LastNameGA,t.constituencyID as CID, C.NameEN,C.NameGA, H.HouseNum, p.NameEN, P.NameGA, P.ID, P.URL, m.URL as 'MemberURL', m.Email as 'MemberMail' from termofoffice t left join members m on m.Id= t.memberID left join HouseNums H on t.HouseId = h.id left join Constituency C on C.ID=t.constituencyID left OUTER join Parties P on P.ID=t.partyID where h.HouseType = 1 and h.HouseNum=9 order by m.LastNameEN