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Seanad Public Consultation Committee

Seanad Public Consultation Committee

Report on children's mental health services published

National Anthem

National Anthem

Seanad Public Consultation Committee invites submissions on on the Status, Treatment and Use of the National Anthem‌‌

 Housing Committee Report

Housing Committee Report

Read the Housing Committee Report on Short Term Lettings

Legislative Observatory 1992 - 2017

Detailed information is available online including the full text of all bills as initiated (including explanatory memoranda), as amended, and as passed by each or both houses; amendments tabled; Acts of the Oireachtas and official translations; and  links to debates on bills.

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‌‌‌‌‌The Oireachtas Library & Research Service manages the Irish parliamentary library and provides an impartial research service to Members of the Oireachtas in support of their parliamentary business.

Latest Publications 


Infographics Autumn 2017

National Risk Assessment 2017

Calculation of Fiscal Space

Exchequer Income

Demographic Cost Drivers 2017 - 2027


Economic Indicators
The Economic Indicators are infographics which present some key indicators on the Irish economy, and are published each month by the L&RS.

Economic Indicators September 2017   

Economic Indicators 2017

 STEM in schools: the introduction of Coding and Computer science/ICT.

Published on 25th August 2017
The Programme for a Partnership Government (2016) commits to introducing a coding course for the Junior Cycle introducing ICT/Computer Science as a Leaving Certificate subject. This Note considers the type of supports teachers and students may need in order for these subjects to succeed and reviews initatives in other jurisdictions.  


Research Matters                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Written for Members of the 32nd Dail and 25th Seanad, this is a collection of impartial briefings by the Oireachtas Library & Research Service on selected key topics. The topics chosen feature key challenges for Irish society in 2016, across a wide range of topics including:

  • Housing and homelessness;                                                                                             

  • Brexit and why it matters to Ireland;                                                                                    

  • Corporation Tax;                                                                                                                

  • Agriculture in Ireland;    

  • Emergency department overcrowding – and many other topics.


Research Publications


Public Petitions

The Oireachtas Public Petitions System presents an important new avenue for individuals to participate in the democratic process. Through submitting petitions online and by post, members of the public will be able to take their policy concerns directly to the heart of the Oireachtas.

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