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Joint Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality invites submissions on the effectiveness of legislation relating to oversight of An Garda Síochána by 3pm on Thursday 17th April 2014.



Justice Committee invites submissions on the Heads of the Criminal Procedure Bill. Closing date for receipt of submissions is 3pm on Friday 25th April 2014.

Justice Committee

Justice Committee

The Justice Committee launched a report calling for recognition of the ethnicity of the Travelling community on 17 April.

Detailed information is available on-line including: the full text of all bills as initiated (including explanatory memoranda), as amended, and as passed by each or both houses; amendments tabled; Acts of the Oireachtas and official translations; links to debates on bills are also provided.

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The Oireachtas Library & Research Service manages the Irish parliamentary library and provides an impartial research service to Members of the Oireachtas in support of their parliamentary business.

Research Publications

Latest Publication (Nov 2013) - Joint Oireachtas\UK parliamentary research paper on the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy 2014 - 2020 (pdf)

This paper sets out the reactions and emerging implementation decisions of Ireland and also the four countries of the UK (Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England) in relation to the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform package for 2014-2020.

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The L&RS online catalogue enables you to search for and find digital items from our Documents Laid and Historical Collections.

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The Oireachtas Public Petitions System presents an important new avenue for individuals to participate in the democratic process. Through submitting petitions online and by post, members of the public will be able to take their policy concerns directly to the heart of the Oireachtas.

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Justice Committee Submission

Invitation for submissionson on the Heads of the Criminal Procedure Bill.  Closing date for receipt of submissions is 3pm on Friday 25th April 2014.


Extension for Submissions

Extension to deadline for submissions on the Review of Garda Síochána Act by 3pm on Thursday 17 April 2014.


Parliamentary Committees

Each House may form select committees.

Joint committees consist of select committees of each house sitting and voting together.



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