The Houses of the Oireachtas Commission

The primary function of the Houses of the Oireachtas Commission is to provide for the running of the Houses of the Oireachtas. It is the governing body which oversees the delivery of services to the Houses of the Oireachtas, their members and members of the public by the Houses of the Oireachtas Service. 

The Commission was established in 2004 as a body corporate. It is independent in the performance of its functions, and has no role in relation to parliamentary business or procedure.


The Commission has specific responsibility for:

  • Appointing the Clerk of the Dáil/Secretary General of the Houses of the Oireachtas Service
  • Overseeing the expenditure of the Houses, paying all salaries and expenses for members and staff, and keeping and publishing annual accounts 
  • Employing civil servants who comprise the staff of the Service and exercising functions in relation to staff appointments, performance and discipline, through the Secretary General 
  • Producing three-yearly strategic plans, annual reports, annual estimates and other information 
  • Deciding on secretarial facilities to be provided to members and parliamentary parties 
  • Exercising certain legal functions, including participation in proceedings where necessary, and arranging for legal advice
  • Preparing guidelines for members on the use of publicly funded services and facilities following a dissolution of Dáil Éireann 
  • Providing translation services from one official language into the other in respect of Acts of the Oireachtas.