eDocuments Laid Weekly Title List 2017

As part of its service to Members and Parliament, the L&RS produces an eDocuments Laid weekly title list for all documents laid the previous week. The list is usually published on a Tuesday during sitting weeks.

The list includes the Department or Agency that created the document, the legislation which requires the document to be laid and other details.  The list also includes hyperlinks to the actual documents themselves.

This online archive will provide access to the 8 most recent weekly title lists for you to browse. 

If you are looking for an earlier document you can search the online catalogue here.


Weekly docslaid lists

Week beginning Wednesday 18th October 2017

Week beginning Tuesday 10th October

Week beginning Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Week beginning Tuesday 26th September 2017

Week beginning Monday 18th September 2017

Week beginning Thursday 7th September 2017

Week beginning Tuesday 18th July 2017

Week beginning Wednesday 12th July 2017