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New Exhibitions!

As part of Library Ireland Week 2014, the L&RS has prepared three exhibitions focussing on the Documents Laid collection, a study into the approach to Mental Health in 19th century Ireland, and on the history of the Oireachtas Library.


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Documents Laid                                 Approaches to Mental Health           The Oireachtas Library


Earlier L&RS Exhibitions

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Research Bursary Reports

In 2012, the L&RS advertised and awarded a number of research bursaries to delve into the Oireachtas Historical Collections.  The recipients of these bursaries undertook short term highly focused work on aspects of the collection.  These reports are now available to read.

Dr. Conor Mulvagh  - Lobbying and the land question: Dublin Castle pamphlets and landlord responses to the land war

Dr. Marie Leoutre - The notion of colony - An exploration of the constitutional relationship between Ireland and England in 17th and 18th centuries

Please note that Dr. Leoutre's paper is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published in Parliaments, Estates and Representation, on 27 Mar 2014, available online:

Dr. Sarah Campbell - Loyalty and Disloyalty: The Fenian treason trials, 1865 - 1867 and the evolution of British counter - insurgency policies in nineteenth century Ireland.