Selected Oireachtas Library & Research Service Publications

The Library & Research Service regularly produces research publications for Members of the Oireachtas. Selected papers and publications are published here. They are produced in portable document format (PDF) and require the use of Adobe Acrobat

The Fiscal Treaty - Briefing notes for Members
The Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union (Fiscal Compact Treaty)

Spotlight Series

The Library & Research Service publishes Spotlight once a month during sitting times. Each Spotlight provides an in-depth briefing on a single topic. Spotlight covers a variety of topical subjects of relevance to Members of the Oireachtas.

Latest Spotlight

Surrogacy, parentage and citizenship Ireland in the wider world
No. 3 of 2013 (Published May 2013)
Surrogacy is currently unregulated in Ireland, but has been the focus of case law, and of substantial media attention. Amongst the issues raised are questions around legal parentage, given the possibility of a distinction between genetic and gestational parenthood. As a consequence there is the potential for uncertainty about citizenship for children born through international surrogacy agreements. These uncertainties may have serious implications for the rights and protection of children.


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Maps of Election Results

In the aftermath of the election of members to the 31st Dáil, the Oireachtas Library & Research Service produced a booklet for Oireachtas members that displays the results of the election through maps. To download the booklet or individual maps please click here.

Constituency Profiles

Constituency profiles were prepared for Members of the Houses of the Oireachtas by the Oireachtas Library & Research Service in January 2009. These profiles offer a detailed picture of the make-up of each constituency. The profiles include information on the size of the population, its age profile, the nationality, ethnicity and religion of the population and their education level. To access all 43 profiles and learn more about the project.

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