Standing Orders of the Dáil

The Standing Orders of the First and Second Dáil were adopted by Resolution of the Provisional Parliament of the 11th September 1922. Since then Standing Orders have been amended and modified as determined by the Dáil. The latest version of Dáil Éireann Standing Orders Relative to Public Business Together With Oireachtas Library and Research Service Rules 2016, as they are officially entitled, was published in January 2016.

Below is a consolidated version of all Standing Orders of Dáil Éireann currently in effect, as of 21 November 2017. It incorporates the Standing Orders of the 2016 edition, along with any modifications made in the 32nd Dáil (whether sessional or permanent). This consolidation has been produced for ease of reference, and is not an official edition of Standing Orders.

Standing Orders of the Seanad

Standing Orders 2017

This is a reprint of Seanad Standing Orders and includes all permanent amendments agreed to-date by Seanad Éireann.