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"Oireachtas in the classroom"

This workshop is aimed at educating students about the role of the Houses of the Oireachtas and the work of its Members.

Through the Oireachtas Classroom workshop students learn about Democracy, their own national parliament and how it impacts on their lives. They also meet TD’s and Senators and hear their views on the issues that matter to young people.

This Classroom workshop is part of the Junior Cert cycle of Civil, Social and Political Education (CSPE). The workshop includes:

  • Preparatory research to be carried out by students
  • Ideas for 'Action projects' about Democracy and
  • Follow up activities and events

Students have the option of having the Oireachtas classroom workshop in their own school, together with a visit by the local Oireachtas members.  Alternatively, students can visit Leinster House, have a tour and receive the Oireachtas Classroom workshop and meet their local TDs and Senators.

Please contact the Communications Unit at education@oireachtas.ie or 01 618 3910.


Teachers pack 
Action Projects 
What it means to live in a democracy