Articles, letters and statements

The following is a selection of articles, letters and statements issued by the Communications Unit on the work of the Houses of the Oireachtas.

23 March 17
Seanad Committee on Brexit will focus on solutions (Opinion,

7 May 15
It’s clear: The direct provision system is utterly unfit for purpose (Voices,

12 March 15
A defining moment in EU history: How Brexit would affect Ireland (Opinion, Irish Times)

20 February 15
Why are Northern Irish footballers declaring for the Republic? A TD wants to open talks (Opinion,

18 January 15
Ireland can play a huge part in fight against terrorism (Opinion, Irish Sun on Sunday)

20 November 14
Maximising benefits from agricultural land (Opinion,

17 November 14
Trumped up Front page Headline (Letter, Irish Independent)

13 November 14
Irish abroad should have the right to vote back home. Here’s why… (Opinion,

9 February 14
Hobbs's analysis one-dimensional (Letter, Sunday Independent)

27 January 14
The Troika may be gone, but Ireland’s social problems remain (Opinion,

28 January 14
The key to restoring trust in Irish politics is an informed public (Opinion, Irish Times)

6 September 13
It is unfair to say Oireachtas committees merely rubber-stamp EU legislation (Opinion, Irish Times)

11 October 13
From overhanging trees to pensions: Why the Oireachtas petitions committee is important (Opinion,

1 September 13
Securing the gains of the Good Friday Agreement (Opinion, Agenda:NI)

25 June 13
Column: With public trust in the EU declining, we need to ensure people feel connected (Opinion,

21 April 13
Opinion journalism and the Houses of the Oireachtas (Letter, Sunday Independent)

30 October 12
No suggestion of increases in salaries and expenses for members of Oireachtas next year (Letter, Irish Examiner)

13 January 13
Oireachtas staff did not decide rules on TD travel (Letter, Irish Mail on Sunday)

28 November 12
Reply: Our parliamentary process is open and accessible (Opinion,

16 October 12
TDs' pay and allowances (Letter, The Irish Times)

7 July 12
The truth about TDs' pay

9 May 12
TD expenses are zoned (Letter, Irish Examiner)

8 February 11
Seanad Earnings (Letter, Irish Times)

14 November 10
Oireachtas pay has decreased (Letter, Sunday Independent)