Arranging interviews

Interviews with Members at Leinster House always take place with the Members' agreement. Impromptu or "door-stepping" type interviews are not permitted.

When a Member has consented to be interviewed, the interview arrangements should be notified to the Events Desk (e-mail

Notification of the interview can be given by the Member, party press staff, Secretarial Assistants, or the accredited journalist making the interview. The Events Desk will arrange access clearances (if necessary) and interview location bookings.

Arrangements for a simultaneous interview with a group of Members should also be made through the Events Desk.

In the case of Party Leaders, interviews and recording may take place in the Party Leader's office.

The interview format is camera crew and journalist interviewing the Member. "Pieces to camera" by journalists are not permitted except at the end of the interview. In such circumstances the "piece to camera" should not exceed 30 seconds.

The RTÉ Oireachtas Report unit may record its report from the normal interview locations within the grounds of Leinster House.

Interview locations

Interviews may only take place at the approved locations listed below. 

The locations for one-to-one TV and Radio inter views are:

• Plinth in Kildare Courtyard
• Siopa Canopy
• Oireachtas Broadcasting Studio Kildare House
• Meeting Room C in LH 2000
• Lobby in LH 2000*
• Garden Room in Leinster House* (room you enter from Leinster Lawn with the bust of Parnell)
• TV studio in Audio Visual Room
• RTÉ studio in Leinster House
• Portico LH 2000 (inclement weather)
• Ground floor public entrance to Dáil Gallery (inclement weather)
• Room D LH 2000 is available for Radio Inter views and one-to-one print media interviews (not suited for TV).

* When interviewing in the Lobby of LH 2000 and Garden Room the camera shot must respect the privacy of persons passing by and avoid including them in the coverage.

The Locations for group interviews are*:
• Plinth – gate end
• Siopa Canopy
• Audio Visual Room
Note*: Live broadcasting facilities are available from these locations, arrangements for use to be made through the Broadcasting Unit.

Oireachtas Committee media briefings

Oireachtas Committee media briefings may be held in the Audio Visual Room or (subject to availability) the conference room in the Royal College of Physicians.

Political party media briefings

The Audio Visual Room is available for political party briefings to media. The House rules in regard to display of political emblems apply to media briefings.

Room booking and access arrangements should be made through the Events Desk, Superintendent's Section. The facility is also available to Independent Members.

Filming inside Leinster House

Filming and photography inside Leinster House (with the exception of photo-calls as set out below) normally require the consent of the Committee on Procedure and Privileges.

Where filming of vacant chambers is requested for historical or documentary purposes, permission should be sought from the Ceann Comhairle.


Photo-calls may take place at:

  • The Plinth in Kildare Courtyard (normally on steps at gate end)
  • The Audio Visual Room
  • Under the Portico LH 2000
  • Ground floor public entrance to Dáil Gallery

Access and booking arrangements should be made through the Events Office.

Dignity and decorum of the Houses

Media events of a commercial nature or that would confer monetary gain or promotional advantage to any firm, company, group or individual are not permitted within the precincts of Leinster House.