Local Media Reports for the week ending 17 March 2018 by Tim Ryan

Local Media Reports 


Evening Echo

  • Government considering directly elected Mayor for Cork
  • Update sought on new Cork hospital
  • Call for legislation to protect workers during weather emergencies
  • McGrath introduces Bill to regulate vulture funds

Southern Star

  • Update sought on new Cork hospital
  • Seaweed harvesting licence granted without proper consultation
  • Lombard critical of lack of joined-up thinking between local authorities


  • Call for Strategic Plan for future weather emergencies
  • Cancer patients denied medical cards
  • Banks acting like a Pontius Pilate cop-out
  • Government is delivering on social housing

Dublin Mid West

Liffey Champion

  • Lack of forewarning of water shortage criticised
  • Need for a cost-rental model for housing
  • Public outraged at decision to sell to vulture funds


Connacht Tribune

  • Protection of seaweed as a natural resource sought in Dáil motion
  • Insurance the most likely factor to close business
  • “Fagin’s Law” introduced in the Dáil



  • €210,000 to build a house in Kerry
  • Banks should not be allowed sell loans to vulture funds
  • Call for debate on pay and conditions of county councillors


Kildare Nationalist

  • Rental crisis threatening to hollow out local communities
  • People in despair over mortgage difficulties

Kilkenny People

  • Civilized society cannot tolerate vulture funds
  • Aylward seeks reimbursement for drug for young Kilkenny girl

Connaught Telegraph

  • Calleary tells Dáil his mortgage is owned by a fund
  • Reduction of up to 30% in CAP unacceptable
Laois / Offaly

Tullamore Tribune

  • Cowen criticises failure to establish Water Advisory Board
  • Nolan seeks evidence of rural-proofing of Project Ireland 2040
  • Government needs to acknowledge failure to reach building objectives

Limerick Leader

  • Call for coherent government plan for weather emergencies
  • 700 publicly-owned sites should be sued to solve housing crisis
Longford / Westmeath

Westmeath Examiner

  • People horrified at sale of mortgages to vulture funds
  • Davitt highlights impact of extreme weather on retailers

Waterford News and Star

  • Cullinane seeks assurances on safety for workers during Red Alerts
  • Coffey pays tribute to Meagher and Redmond