Local Media Reports for the week ending 23 December 2017 by Tim Ryan

Local Media Reports 


Evening Echo

  • Call for plebiscite on boundary review 
  • Martin highlights plight of ‘Section 39’ employees
  • Restoration of full pensions to former Taoisigh scandalous - Barry
  • Burke calls for fast-tracking of AIDS drug

Southern Star

  • Collins strongly criticises proposal of mandatory driving ban
  • Parts of West Cork still without telephone lines
  • Daly committed to allowing older people live in their homes
  • Call to alleviate clogged Midletown roundabout
  • Almost 7,000 outpatients on CUH waiting list 
  • O’Keeffe critical of mandatory driving ban

Dublin Mid West

Liffey Champion

  • Wind energy the most efficient way to generate electricity 
  • Constituencies with large number of TDs are more representative
  • McAuley Place in Naas an outstanding example in the care of older people


Connacht Tribune

  • County Galway “butchered” by Constituency Review Commission
  • Ó Cúiv proposes using technology to reduce fatal accidents


Kerrys Eye

  • Danny Healy-Rae opposed to mandatory driving ban 
  • Brassil expresses hopes for Kilmorna respite centre
  • Constituency of Kerry unaltered in review


Kildare Nationalist

  • Heydon in favour of mandatory disqualification of drivers over the legal alcohol limit
  • O’Loughlin welcomes constituents back to South Kildare

Kilkenny Reporter

  • Part of County Wicklow removed from Carlow-Kilkenny constituency
  • Irish Rail require 24 hours notice for wheelchair users

Connaught Telegraph

Laois / Offaly

Tullamore Tribune

  • New mandatory driving ban pens up debate on rural isolation
  • Laois-Offaly restored to a 5-seat constituency

Limerick Leader

  • Request that Limerick be include in pyrite remediation scheme
  • Confusion among people move in constituency revision
Longford / Westmeath

Westmeath Examiner

  • Troy seeks action on exorbitant rates bills 
  • Dáil passes new constituency review legislation

Waterford News and Star

  • Halligan supports mandatory disqualification of drivers over the legal limit 
  • 450,000 people over 80 in 2040