Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement.

This Committee plays a pivotal role in informing debate on key areas of mutual interest regarding North/South co-operation. The Committee works across a number of key areas, which include:

  • Reconciliation Issues - such as listening to key people and groups regarding legacy issues and reaching out to diverse communities
  • Commemoration Issues - including consideration of significant anniversaries arising over the next decade
  • North-South Co-Operation across Sectoral Areas - e.g. Health, Transport, Education, Agriculture, Tourism & Culture etc., with particular reference to the potential impact of the result of the British referendum to leave the EU
  •  Funding Programmes, with a particular reference to future funding of peace related programmes

The Committee, in which MPs from Northern Ireland have speaking rights, offers an opportunity to foster better links and dialogue between parliamentarians from both sides of the border.

The Committee also engages in informal meetings and outreach visits to Northern Ireland to help build relationships and encourage a shared understanding of all the communities and key stakeholders on both sides of the border.

What's on this week

The Joint Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday agreement will meet in Public Session in Committee Room 3, LH2000, at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, 27th September 2016, to discuss 'The implications for the Good Friday Agreement and for Northern Ireland of the UK referendum decision to leave the EU'.

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