Submissions and Opening Statements made to the Joint Committee on Health and Children


6 October 2015 - Quarterly update on Health Issues

Opening Statement by Leo Varadkar T.D., Minister for Health

Opening Statement by Mr. Tony O'Brien, Director General, HSE

Replies to Committee Member's questions on national and local health issues

Appendix to Question 6 reply to Member's question on local health issues


1 October 2015 - Session A:- National maternity services in Ireland

 Opening Statement by Mr. Liam Woods, AHD National Director, HSE

1 October 2015 - Session B:- National maternity services in Ireland

Opening Statement by Dr. Chris Fitzpatrick, Consultant, Coombe Hospital

Appendix 1: Dr. Chris Fitzpatrick Briefing 2011

Appendix 2: Dr. Chris Fitzpatrick Briefing 2012

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