Joint Committee on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation

This Committee plays a key role in providing a meaningful input into legislation and policy and informing debate on the creation and retention of jobs and promoting enterprise and innovation. The Committee is interested in highlighting possible new creative solutions in order to build on progress and to reinforce ongoing efforts to deal in economic recovery and renewal.  The Committee is particularly interested in finding new ways to promote job creation and activation measures targeted at the young unemployed and long term unemployed.

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What's on this week

 The Joint Committee on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation will be meeting on Tuesday 25th October 2016 at 5.00 P.M.

At meeting meeting the Committee will discuss the likely economic impact of Brexit with particular emphasis on jobs and enterprise and the steps being taken to mitigate these risks.

Session A: Representatives from the Centre for Cross Border Studies; Institute of International and European Affairs; and the Economic and Social Research Institute.
Session B: Representatives from the Irish National Organisation for the Unemployed and an Irish Congress of Trade Unions and Nevin Economic Research Institute joint delegation.

News from the Committee

24 October 16
Jobs Committee to resume discussion on impact of ‘Brexit’ on jobs

17 October 16
Jobs Committee to discuss impact of ‘Brexit’ & how to mitigate negative effects

21 September 16
Jobs Committee to conduct Mid-year Review of Revised Estimates

20 June 16
Select Committee on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation to consider Revised Estimates


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