Joint Committee on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation

This Committee plays a key role in providing a meaningful input into legislation and policy and informing debate on the creation and retention of jobs and promoting enterprise and innovation. The Committee is interested in highlighting possible new creative solutions in order to build on progress and to reinforce ongoing efforts to deal in economic recovery and renewal.  The Committee is particularly interested in finding new ways to promote job creation and activation measures targeted at the young unemployed and long term unemployed.

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What's on this week

The Committee on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation will be meeting on 21 September 2017 at 2pm in Committee Room 1. At this meeting, the Committee will discuss the situation of non-EEA crew in the Irish Fishing Fleet under the Atypical Worker Permission Scheme with:

Session 1: Representatives of Irish South and West Fish Producers Organisation, Irish Fish Producers Organisation, Irish South and East Fish Producers Organisation, The Killybegs Fishermen’s Organisation, and National Inshore Fisheries Forum

Session 2: Representatives of Sea Fisheries Protection Authority, Naval Service, and Marine Survey Office.

Session 3: Representatives of the Workplace Relations Commission and the Health and Safety Authority.

News from the Committee

3 July 17
Migrant Rights Centre and International Transport Workers’ Federation due before Jobs Committee

25 May 17
Jobs Committee calls on ODCE Director to address Committee after collapse of Fitzpatrick case

22 May 17
Joint Committee on Jobs to resume scrutiny of Banded Hours Contract Bill

8 May 17
Teachers, students and migrant rights groups to engage with Jobs Committee on Banded Hours Contract Bill

10 April 17
Jobs Committee to resume scrutiny of the Banded Hours Contract Bill 2016

27 March 17
The Joint Committee on Jobs will also consider Motion RE Companies Act

21 March 17
Jobs Committee to discuss ‘Succeed in Ireland’ Programme

9 March 17
Jobs Committee launches key report on Brexit

8 March 17
Select Committee on Jobs to commence scrutiny of Knowledge Development Box (Certification of Inventions) Bill 2016

20 February 17
Jobs Committee to continue scrutiny of the Banded Hours Contract Bill 2016 (PMB)

13 February 17
Jobs Committee to resume scrutiny of the Banded Hours Contract Bill 2016 (PMB)

30 January 17
Jobs Committee to commence scrutiny of the Banded Hours Contract Bill 2016 (PMB)

16 January 17
Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) on the agenda at Jobs Committee meeting


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