Seanad Public Consultation Committee

The Seanad Public Consultation Committee (SPCC),  which was established as part of the new procedures to open access to Seanad Éireann and its work, is to specify and publicise areas related to the legislative powers of the Seanad and issues of public policy and to invite submissions from the Public and Interest Groups. View SPCC reports.

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Public Consultation on Children's Mental Health Services in Ireland

The Committee published a report on children's mental health services on 18th October 2017. To read the report, click here.

Submissions were received under four stakeholder cagegories 1. User Experiences 2. Advocacy/Service Providers 3. Professional Bodies/Clinicians 4. State/Official Bodies.  Submissions received can be viewed here


*New Public Consultation

Consultation on the Status, Treatment and Use of the National Anthem‌

Coiste Comhairliúcháin Phoiblí an tSeanaid

News from the Committee

18 October 17
Urgent need for staffing in Children’s mental health services - Seanad Public Consultation Committee report

6 October 17 
Seanad Public Consultation Committee is seeking your views on the Status, Treatment and Use of the National Anthem

28 June 17
Seanad Public Consultation Committee to hold hearings on Children’s Mental Health Services

11 April 17
Seanad Public Consultation Committee are seeking your views on children’s mental health services in Ireland

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