Allowances for additional responsibilities payable to Members of Dáil Éireann

Dáil Éireann 
Ceann Comhairle €70,282
Leas Ceann Comhairle €34,381
Oireachtas Commission Member €8,740
Oireachtas Committee Chairman €8,740
Fianna Fail Party Whip €17,480
Assistant Government Whip €13,800
Fianna Fail Party Assistant Whip €8,740
Fine Gael Party Assistant Whip €6,900
Labour Party Assistant Whip €5,520
People Before Profit Whip €5,520
Sinn Fein Party Whip €5,520
Socialist Party Whip €5,520
Sinn Fein (Assistant) Party Whip €2,760

In some particular cases, members have waived receipt of this allowance so a presumption should not be made that all of the above mentioned allowances are paid.