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November 2011
26 November 2011
Seanad Éireann Private Members Business Wednesday 30 November 2011 - Fianna Fáil Group
That Seanad Éireann: Condemning the disgraceful closure of Abbeyleix Community Hospital and Shaen Hospital in Co. Laois,Noting that Minister for Health James Reilly has not informed either House of the Oireachtas of whether or not it is his policy to close other community hospitals and public beds for the elderly, Recognising that that the leaked planned closure of 842 beds...
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17 November 2011
Seanad Éireann Private Members Business - Wednesday 23rd November 2011
"That Seanad Éireann: . Recognises that the delivery of an effective Health Awareness and Physical Fitness programme in both primary and secondary schools is essential for the overall well-being of children. . Notes that while there is a new Physical Education curriculum in place at primary school level since 1999, it is not being implemented in full in 65% of schools, 54% of those schools citing lack of facilities and 11% of those schools citing pressure of time due to competition with other subjects. (Points for Life - Physical Fitness for a Healthy Life) (November 2011) . Notes that overweight and obesity is a serious problem in Ireland and that between 18% and 27% of Irish children are overweight or obese. (Irish Heart Foundation, 2007).
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11 November 2011
Seanad Éireann Private Members Business - Wednesday 16 November 2011
That Seanad Eireann: - accepts that we need to enforce a minimum price for alcohol, based on the price per unit of alcohol; - notes that selling alcohol for below cost price is an incentive to the purchase of alcohol; - notes that excessive consumption of alcohol is damaging for the health of individuals;
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04 November 2011
Seanad Éireann Private Members Business - Thursday 10 November 2011
Civil Registration (Amendment) Bill 2011
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October 2011
20 October 2011
Seanad Éireann Private Members Business - Wednesday 26 October 2011
"That Seanad Éireann, noting that: - Gendercide involves the selective abortion, infanticide and fatal neglect of baby girls after birth; - Gendercide is one of the most horrific human rights abuses present in the world today and perhaps the most widespread form of violent anti-female discrimination; ....
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13 October 2011
Seanad Éireann Private Members Business - Wednesday 19 October 2011
"That Seanad Éireann: Recognises that Army barracks are an integral part of the local economy in the towns in which they are based; Affirms and supports the crucial role that soldiers and their families play in the fabric of the local communities where they are stationed; Acknowledges the consolidation of Army barracks in recent years due to the changed security situation in Northern Ireland and the consequent reinvestment of funds to fully modernise the Defence Forces;
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07 October 2011
Seanad Éireann Private Members Business - Wednesday 12 October 2011
"That Seanad Éireann: - Recognises that the trafficking of women and girls for sexual exploitation is a modern form of slavery and a form of human rights abuse. - Notes that the Irish sex industry - which is worth €250 million a year (CAB, January 2011) - is very damaging for the girls and women involved in prostitution. - Notes that internet audits consistently show that more than 1000 women are made available for paid sex on a daily basis all over Ireland and up to 97% of them are migrant women. (Kelleher 2009) ....
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September 2011
29 September 2011
Seanad Éireann Private Members Business - Wednesday 5 October 2011
"That Seanad Éireann: - Recognises the need to enhance the democratic process on this island; - Recognises the desire to enable northern participation in the political life of the nation, as an important part of the Irish peace process and a natural outworking of the Good Friday Agreement; and, - Affirms the democratic values of citizenship and equality that define our nation and people;
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22 September 2011
Seanad Éireann Private Members Business - Wednesday 28 September 2011
That Seanad Eireann: - Notes with grave concern the recent closure of the Talk Talk call centre in Waterford, with the consequent devastating loss of 575 jobs; - Notes with concern the reports that further collective job losses at other companies may be likely; - Deplores the fact that the employees of Talk Talk were given only 30 days' notice of the closure of the call centre;
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16 September 2011
Seanad Éireann Private Members Business - Wednesday 21 September 2011
Reporting of Lobbying in Criminal Legal Cases Bill 2011
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July 2011
22 July 2011
Seanad Éireann Non Government Business 27 July 2011
Family Home Bill 2011
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14 July 2011
Seanad Éireann Private Members Business - Wednesday 20 July 2011
 Seanad Éireann Private Members Business - Wednesday 20 July 2011 
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08 July 2011
Seanad Éireann Private Members Business - Wednesday 13 July 2011
 Mobile Phone Radiation Warning Bill 2011
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June 2011
17 June 2011
Seanad Éireann Private Members Business (Labour Group) Wednesday 22 June 2011
That Seanad Eireann: - Notes with concern that by the end of 2010 over 200,000 homeowners were in negative equity; - Notes that a minimum of 10% of households with mortgages are currently facing significant difficulties with repayments, and that this proportion is likely to increase; - Notes the high cost in personal suffering to individuals and families caused by increasing levels of significant mortgage arrears and by the threat of eventual repossession of homes; - Further notes that "mortgage to rent" and "mortgage to shared equity" schemes have been established by the Scottish Government, as part of the Home Owner's Support Fund, in response to the plight of distressed homeowners; - Proposes that the Government should consider the establishment in Ireland of schemes to support distressed homeowners, adapted to the Irish context but similar to those set up in Scotland, which would provide structural measures for the protection of those individuals and families currently facing unaffordable mortgage repayments and the potential loss of their homes. Senators Aideen Hayden, Marie Moloney, Ivana Bacik, John Gilroy, Jimmy Harte, James Heffernan, Lorraine Higgins, Denis Landy, Marie Moloney, Mary Moran, Susan O'Keeffe, John Whelan
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10 June 2011
Seanad Éireann - Private Members' Business (Independent Group, Taoiseach's Nominees) Wednesday 15 June 2011
In light of the commitment in the Programme for Government to overhaul the way politics and government works, Seanad Éireann recognises the need for change in how it conducts its business and agrees to: - put in place arrangements so that this House can engage directly with well informed citizens and residents from all walks of life whose experience and expertise can contribute to debates on issues of public importance thereby adding considerable value to our work as legislators; - invite to the floor of Seanad Éireann, on a case by case and ongoing basis, appropriate leaders and representatives of civic life who have a significant contribution to make to the deliberations of this House; and - include in these arrangements the hosting of respectful North/South dialogue that consolidates the peace process in Northern Ireland, develops a peace dividend for all communities affected by the conflict, deepens cross-border relationships and promotes a shared approach to the significant centenaries that will arise in the next decade. Jillian Van Turnhout, Eamonn Coghlan, Fiach MacConghail, Martin McAleese, Mary-Ann O'Brien, Marie-Louise O'Donnell, Katherine Zappone
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02 June 2011
Seanad Éireann Private Members Business (Fianna Fail Group) Wednesday 8 June 2011
That Seanad Éireann rejects any proposal to introduce a flat rate household water charge and calls on the Government to: - state clearly whether they will introduce a flat rate household charge in January 2012. - Re-commit to the introduction of a fair system of metered water charges, with a free usage allowance of water per dwelling in the interests of water conservation and the environment. - insure that the ability to pay principle is central to any new charge. Darragh O'Brien and the Fianna Fail Seanad Group 2nd June 2011
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May 2011
27 May 2011
Seanad Éireann Private Members Business (Fine Gael Group) Wednesday 1 June 2011
That Seanad Éireann believes that the tourism sector will be a key driver of Ireland's economic recovery. As such, Seanad Éireann: - commends the importance that the new Government has placed on tourism as a vehicle for Irish economic recovery both within the Programme for Government and the Jobs Initiative; - welcomes the decision of the Minister for Finance to reduce the level of VAT applied to a range of labour-intensive tourism services to 9% providing a much-needed support to this sector of the economy; - supports the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport's three-pronged plan to promote inward bound tourism through: o abolishing the travel tax, contingent on commitments by airlines to increase inbound capacity from our source markets; o the offer by the Dublin Airport Authority of rebates on passenger charges for extra passengers brought in by airlines; and o more targeted co-operative marketing of new routes from key source tourism markets by Tourism Ireland, DAA and the airlines to encourage more tourists to fly into Ireland. - commends the initiatives promoted with regard to domestic tourism which include: o a €1 million Discover Ireland promotional campaign; o a special fares promotions from Irish Rail; and o other initiatives from Fáilte Ireland. - the introduction by the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform of Ireland's formal Visa Waiver Programme, which will facilitate and encourage tourism to Ireland from key emerging markets; - notes the significant value of the recent visits to this State by Queen Elizabeth II and President Barack Obama in promoting Ireland and Irish tourism overseas, which are being built on by Tourism Ireland's overseas marketing efforts; and - encourages all those engaged with Irish tourism to work together with the relevant agencies, the new Ministers and Government to ensure that the quality and competitiveness of the Irish tourism offering is continually improved. ************************************************************
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January 2011
20 January 2011
Seanad Éireann Private Members Business (Labour Group) Wednesday 26 January 2011
Whistleblowers Protection (No 2) Bill 2010 [PMB]
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14 January 2011
Seanad Éireann Private Members Business (Fianna Fáil Group) Wednesday 19 January 2011
Seanad Éireann welcomes the Governments initiatives to support export led growth. (Senators John Carty, Donie Cassidy and all Fíanna Fail Senators)
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07 January 2011
Seanad Éireann Private Members Business (Fine Gael Group) Wednesday 12 January 2011
That Seanad Éireann: . Recognises the social and economic hardship caused by water restrictions and disruptions for families and local businesses; . Recognises that an inefficient, outdated and fragmented water network has contributed to drinking water supply problems across the State;
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