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Dáil Debate, Vol. 761,  No. 5. Thursday, 29 March 20112, Webcast Recording. See also the Official Report.

Chuaigh an Ceann Comhairle i gceannas ar 10.30 a.m.  [View in separate player]
Paidir. Prayer
Leaders’ Questions
Order of Business
Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (Reviews of Commercial Rents) Bill 2012: First Stage
Tax Transparency Bill 2012: First Stage
Finance Act 2004 (Section 91) (Deferred Surrender to the Central Fund): Motion
Allocation of Time: Motion
Finance Act 2004 (Section 91) (Deferred Surrender to the Central Fund) Order 2012: Motion (Resumed)
Topical Issue Matters
Mahon Tribunal Report: Statements (Resumed)
Topical Issue Debate
Message from Select Sub-Committee
Banking Sector Regulation: Announcement by Minister for Finance
Topical Issue Debate (Resumed)
Priority Questions
Business of Dáil
Other Questions