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2nd Revised Schedule for Week Commencing 14 December 2015

Dé Máirt/Tuesday, 15/12/2015

Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation (Joint) CR2, LH 2000 1.30 p.m. (T)
AGENDA: (i) Scrutiny of EU legislative proposals:
Schedule B: COM(2015)469; COM(2015)567; EWN(2015)C 355-06; and EWN(2015)C 355-07; and
(ii) The IDA Ireland Annual Report 2014 [Representative from IDA Ireland]

Agriculture, Food and the Marine (Joint) CR3, LH 2000 2 p.m. (T)
AGENDA: The Irish Harness Racing Industry (resumed) [Representatives from Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) and Horse Sport Ireland (HSI)]

Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht (Joint) CR4, LH 2000 2.15 p.m. (T)

AGENDA: (i) Motion re: Planning and Development (Amendment) (No. 4) Regulations 2015 [Minister of State with Special Responsibility for Rural Economic Development issues]; and
(ii) Pre-Legislative Scrutiny on the General Scheme of the Housing (Regulation of Approved Housing Bodies) Bill 2015 (resumed) [Mr. Damian Allen, Ms. Sheila Power and Mr. Andrew Harkin, Housing Division, Department of Environment, Community and Local Government; Mr. Kieron Brennan, Chief Executive, Co-operative Housing Ireland; Mr. Donal McManus, Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Karen Murphy, Director of Policy and Mr. Justin O'Brien, President, Irish Council for Social Housing]


Dé Céadaoin/Wednesday, 16/12/2015

Justice, Defence and Equality (Joint) CR2, LH 2000 9.30 a.m. (T)
AGENDA: Session A: 9.30 a.m.
Welfare of ex-service personnel of the Irish Defence Forces [Organisation of National Ex-Service Personnel and Irish United Nations Veterans Association (IUNVA)];
Session B: 2.30 p.m.
Report of the Garda Síochána Inspectorate - Changing Policing in Ireland [Representatives from the Garda Inspectorate]; and
Session C: 3.30 p.m.
The Parole Board - Annual Report 2014 [Representatives from the Parole Board]

Transport and Communications (Joint) CR4, LH 2000 9.30 a.m. (T)
AGENDA: Potential benefits of natural gas as a transport fuel [Representatives from Gas Networks Ireland]

Foreign Affairs and Trade (Select) CR3, LH 2000 9.45 a.m. (T)
AGENDA: The Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Partnership and Cooperation between the European Union and its Member States, and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam [Minister of State with Special Responsibility for ODA, Trade Promotion and North South Co-operation Development]

Foreign Affairs and Trade (Joint) CR3, LH 2000 11 a.m. (T)
AGENDA: Briefing document by Church in Chains on The Persecution of Christians [Mr. Olusola Iginla, Chargé d’Affaires, Embassy of Nigeria]

Transport, Tourism and Sport (Select sub) CR4, LH 2000 12 noon (T)
AGENDA: Public Transport Bill 2015 [Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport ]

European Union Affairs (Joint) CR2, LH 2000 12.30 p.m. (T)
AGENDA: European Court of Auditors Annual Report 2014 [Mr. Kevin Cardiff, Member of the European Court of Auditors]

Education and Social Protection (Joint) CR3, LH 2000 1 p.m. (T)
AGENDA: The School Meals Programme [Healthy Food for All; Irish Primary Principals' Network; and Department of Social Protection]

European Scrutiny - Finance and Public Expenditure (Joint sub) CR4, LH 2000 2 p.m.
AGENDA: Private Meeting

Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform (Joint) CR4, LH 2000 2.30 p.m. (T)
AGENDA: Session A: 2.30 p.m.
Overview of operations and functioning of NAMA [Mr. Frank Daly, Chairman and Mr. Brendan McDonagh, Chief Executive Officer, National Asset Management Agency (NAMA)]; and
Session B: 4.15 p.m.
Review of the Credit Union Sector in Ireland (resumed) [Ms. Anne Marie McKiernan, Registrar of Credit Unions]

Public Service Oversight and Petitions (Joint) CR3, LH 2000 4 p.m.
AGENDA: Private Meeting

Procedure and Privileges of Dáil Éireann Room 2 (off the Main Hall), Leinster House 6 p.m.
AGENDA: Private Meeting

Déardaoin/Thursday, 17/12/2015

Health and Children (Joint) CR3, LH 2000 11.15 a.m. (T)
AGENDA: Session A: 11.15 a.m.
Report on the Reconfiguration of Acute Hospital Services in Cork and Kerry [Mr. Michael O’Flynn, Chairman, Non-Executive Advisory Board on the Reconfiguration of Acute Hospital Services in Cork and Kerry]; and
Session B: 12.30 p.m.
Update from Emergency Department Taskforce on overcrowding in A&E Departments [Mr. Tony O'Brien, Chairman, ED Taskforce]

Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement (Joint) CR4, LH 2000 11.15 a.m. (T)
AGENDA: Current developments in Northern Ireland with specific reference to the Fresh Start Agreement [Minister of State with special responsibility for ODA, Trade Promotion and North South Co-operation]

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Liostáil Shealadach Billí lena mBreithniú i Roghchoistí Dála / Provisional Listing of Bills for Dáil Select Committee Consideration

Week commencing 21 December 2015

No Bills Scheduled


Week commencing 28 December 2015

No Bills Scheduled

Report Launch

Report of the Committee on Flooding and Property Insurance in Ireland 2015
Joint Committee on Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht
Audio Visual Room, LH2000, on Wednesday, 16 December 2015 at 1 p.m.