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Wednesday 28 June 2017


That Seanad Éireann -

Noting that:

-The Department of Health contends that home care can be a cost-effective alternative to long-term residential care for some older people;

-Despite significant increases between 2008 and 2015 in those aged 65 years and over and those aged 85 years and over, there was a decrease in the number of people receiving home help and home care packages;

-It has been argued that the implementation of the Fair Deal Scheme, in the absence of any similar, structured scheme for home-based care, may draw people into residential care prematurely;

-The majority (63%) of people with dementia live at home and the annual cost of dementia is €1.69 billon per annum, 48% of which is attributable to informal family care;

-Insufficient provision of home help and home care packages channel people to long-term care, causing the institutionalisation of people with dementia;

-People with dementia have a preference to remain living at home for as long as possible and with the right support this is possible for the majority.

Acknowledging that:

-€22 million was allocated through the National Dementia Strategy Implementation Plan for the delivery of intensive home care packages for people with dementia and these packages are operating in eight pilot sites;

-Budget 2017 provided an additional €10 million in new development funding for home care. The budget also provides for continuation of the additional €30 million for home care announced in July 2016;

-The Minister of State for Older People has announced plans to begin a consultation process on the development of a statutory scheme for home care;

Calls for:

-An approach to home care that addresses the inequity of service provision that currently exists across the country;

-Positive aspects of the Nursing Home Support Scheme to be adopted for home care such as the standardised process for assessment, certainty of entitlement and centralised, multi-annual, ring-fenced funding;

-Flexible home care for people with dementia, which meets individual needs and moves away from a time-to-task approach;

-Increased investment in 2018 to meet the particular needs of people living with dementia in the community;

-Adequate resources to ensure full implementation of the National Dementia Strategy.
[Senators Catherine Ardagh, Lorraine Clifford-Lee, Mark Daly, Paul Daly, Aidan Davitt, Robbie Gallagher, Gerry Horkan, Terry Leyden, Jennifer Murnane O'Connor,Ned O'Sullivan, Keith Swanick, Diarmuid Wilson ]