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Dáil Éireann
Supplementary Order Paper, Wednesday 2 - 3 November, 2005

  "That Dáil Éireann:

  • re-affirming its support for the Good Friday Agreement as endorsed in referendums by the people of Ireland North and South;
  • recognising the political progress brought about by the peace process and the Agreement, benefitting all the people of Ireland; and
  • reiterating its appreciation of the work undertaken to date by the North-South Ministerial Council and by the North-South bodies;

resolves to:

  • work for the full implementation of the Agreement in all its aspects and for the re-establishment of the institutions of the Agreement at the earliest date;
  • promote all-Ireland policies and strategies, benefitting all parts of the island;
  • actively seek to persuade Unionists, through dialogue, of the advantages of Irish unification for all the people who share this island, in their diversity; and
  • prepare politically, economically, socially and culturally for Irish unification, identifying steps and measures, including a Green Paper, which can assist a successful transition to a united Ireland."

- Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin, Seán Crowe, Martin Ferris, Arthur Morgan, Aengus Ó Snodaigh.


1.  To delete all words after "Dáil Éireann" and substitute the following:

  • "re-affirms its commitment to the Good Friday Agreement endorsed by the people of this island speaking freely and collectively in referenda held on 22nd May, 1998;
  • re-affirms its view that this Agreement is the basis of a lasting settlement in Northern Ireland;
  • re-affirms the right to self-determination of the people of the island of Ireland to be exercised in the manner provided for in the Good Friday Agreement;
  • re-affirms its commitment to the principle of unity by consent as set out in the Agreement and endorsed by the people of this island;
  • re-affirms its belief that the restoration of devolved Government on an inclusive basis is in the best interests of all communities in Northern Ireland and acknowledges that this requires the restoration of trust and confidence in the political process;
  • acknowledges the significance of the IRA statement of 28th July and the potential it offers for political progress;
  • welcomes the statement by the IRA that is has decommissioned all its weapons as confirmed by the IICD and urges all other paramilitary groups to engage with the IICD for the purposes of decommissioning their weapons;
  • recognises the determination of the two Governments to work with the political parties to continue to restore confidence and to rebuild political momentum;
  • re-affirms the total and absolute commitment set out in the Agreement to 'exclusively democratic and peaceful means of resolving differences on political issues' and in this context, calls for an end to all paramilitary and criminal activities;
  • opposes any political move or initiative which would increase tensions between the two main traditions on this island, in light of the clear need to restore trust and confidence in the political process;
  • supports efforts to reach out to all communities so that the peace process can move forward in a manner which leaves no one behind;
  • condemns the ongoing sectarian attacks on both communities and calls on all political representatives to take a proactive stance on this issue;
  • urges the authorities on both sides of the border to ensure that the full rigours of the law are used to counter those who engage in the destructive agenda of paramilitarism and sectarianism;
  • calls on all parties to strengthen policing reforms and accountability by taking their places on the Policing Boards without further delay;
  • notes the Seventh Report of the IMC and awaits the findings of the next IMC Report, due in January, to assess whether paramilitary groups have ceased paramilitary and criminal activity;
  • calls on Sinn Féin to co-operate with the IMC;
  • commends the on-going work of the North-South bodies and recognises in particular the potential benefits of all-island co-operation in the economic and social area;
  • welcomes the continued and valued support of the President of the United States;
  • notes the determination of the two Governments to intensify dialogue with all the Northern Ireland political parties; and
  • expresses its full support for the ongoing efforts of the two Governments to bring to completion the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement."

- An tAire Gnóthaí Eachtracha.

2. To delete all words from an including "resolves to:" and substitute the following:

  • urges all parties on the island to regard as their political priority the full implementation of the Agreement in all its aspects and the re-establishment of the Institutions of the Agreement at the earliest possible date and not to do anything that would make the achievement of these objectives more difficult;
  • calls on all those parties entitled to do so to take their places on the Policing Board and the District Policing Partnerships in Northern Ireland;
  • stresses the need for all parties to combat sectarianism and to work towards reconciliation between the diverse traditions, political and religious, within Northern Ireland;
  • recognises the democratic right to retain the aspiration to Irish unity and to work for the unity of the Irish people;
  • re-affirms its commitment to the principle set out in the Agreement that it would be wrong to make any change in the status of Northern Ireland save with the consent of a majority of its people."

- Pat Rabbitte, Liz McManus, Emmet Stagg, Thomas P. Broughan, Joan Burton, Joe Costello, Eamon Gilmore, Michael D. Higgins, Brendan Howlin, Kathleen Lynch, Breeda Moynihan-Cronin, Brian O'Shea, Jan O'Sullivan, Seamus Pattison, Willie Penrose, Ruairi Quinn, Seán Ryan, Joe Sherlock, Róisín Shortall, Mary Upton, Jack Wall.

3. To delete all words from and including "promote all-Ireland" in the fifth paragraph and substitute the following:

  • "promote the full development of Strands 1, 2 and 3 of the Agreement so that decisions in relation to North-South as well as East-West and Northern concerns are taken on a sustainable basis at the lowest effective level and in a way that respects diverse political aspirations and devolved decision making as provided for in the Good Friday Agreement."

- Trevor Sargent, Dan Boyle, Ciarán Cuffe, Paul Gogarty, John Gormley, Eamon Ryan.