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Parliamentary Inquiry into D.I.R.T.

Dáil Éireann Committee of Public Accounts

Sub-Committee on Certain Revenue Matters

Examination of the Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of Investigation

into the Administration of Deposit Interest Retention Tax and Related Matters

during the period 1 January 1986 to 1 December 1998.

  1. Introductory Video: English [View] Gaelige [View]
  2. Cover Page:  Report of the Sub-Committee on Certain Revenue Matters Cover Page (PDF 565 KB)
  3. Volume 1: Report of the Sub-Committee  Report of the Sub-Committee on Certain Revenue Matters - Volume 1 Report of the sub-committee (PDF 1.2 MB)
  4. Volume 2: Relevant Documents and Closing Submissions  Report of the Sub-Committee on Certain Revenue Matters - Volume 2 Relevant Documents and Closing Submissions(PDF 42 MB)
  5. Volume 3: Parliamentary Debates Verbatim Transcript  Report f the Sub-Committee on Certain Revenue Matters - Volume 3 Parliamentary Debats Official Report - Verbatim Transcript (PDF 6.4 MB)

These PDF files were first published on CD ROM in 1999.  The complate verbatim transcripts are available in HTML.



Members of the Sub-Committee

Part I:
Chapter 1 The Inquiry and its overall approach

Part II: The State and its agencies
Chapter 2 An Overview
Chapter 3 Ministers for Finance
Chapter 4 Department of Finance and the Revenue Commissioners
Chapter 5 The Central Bank

Part III: The Banking Industry
Chapter 6 Ethics, Internal Controls and External Audit

Part IV: The Banking Industry
Chapter 7 Introduction
Chapter 8 Allied Irish Bank and Revenue
Chapter 9 Bank of Ireland
Chapter 10 Ulster Bank
Chapter 11 National Irish Bank
Chapter 12 Irish Life & Permanent and Guinness & Mahon
Chapter 13 ACC Bank
Chapter 14 Other Financial Institutions

Part V:
Chapter 15 Oireachtas Reform

Part VI:
Chapter 16 Parliamentary Inquiries

Part VII:
Chapter 17 Proposals and Recommendations

Part VIII: Appendices
Resolution of Dáil Éireann – 17 December 1998
Resolution of Dáil Éireann – 1 April 1999
Terms of Reference – Sub-Committee
Terms of Reference – Committee of Public Accounts
Witnesses Examined (by Day/Date)

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