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Experimental Webcasting File Download  Service

In order to download a Webcast recording file, click on this link :


Select the file that you wish to download and right click and select "Save Target As..."

Once you have downloaded the files they can be edited and transcoded using a variety of tools.

Files are stored in the following directories:

  • Dail - Dáil
  • Seanad - Seanad
  • CR1 - Committee Room 1
  • CR2 - Committee Room 2
  • CR3 - Committee Room 3
  • CR4 - Committee Room 4

It is intended to provide the following Webcasting download service:

  • One hour files are written every 30 minutes.
  • There will be a 30 minute overlap between files.
  • Files are lept for two weeks.
  • Please note that the last two files may be locked as they are still being written.
  • Files are provided in Windows Media Player format.
  • The following naming convention is:
    e.g. Dail_20120306-10.00.wmv
    • forum = Dail_ | Seanad_ | CR1_ | CR2_ | CR3_ | CR4_ (CR = Committee Room)
    • YY = Year
    • MM = Month
    • DD = Day
    • HH = Hour
    • MM = Minute
    • .wmv = WIndows Media Video

Permanent full day file download service (launched 17 December 2012)

You can download a full day's debate here :


Note these are large files - 5 GB or more.

The files are rolled over at 09.00 every morning.

The current day's file is not accessible as it is still being written.