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Houses of the Oireachtas IPTV on the Internet

IPTV multicasts of Dáil Éireann, Seanad Éireann, and Parliamentary Committees may only be viewed in accordance with the rules of coverage.


You may view an IPTV channel using a PC or a television.

  • For a PC, a media player such as the VideoLAN VLC Media player VideoLAN VLC media player which is available for various operating systems, must be installed on your computer.
  • For a television, use a set top box which will convert MPEG4 to SCART output. Connect the set top box to the Internet, and to your television set using a SCART cable.
  • or use an IP television which you can connect to the Internet directly.

Please note that your Internet service provider and your network must support multicast IP and be peered with the Oireachtas service provider HEAnet in order for you to be able to access this multicast IPTV service.

The following are the IP addresses and ports for each stream.

Oireachtas TV (3mibit/s):
Oireachtas TV (1mibit/s):

Dáil (3 mbit/s):
Dáil (1 mbit/s):

Seanad (3 mbit/s):
Seanad (1 mbit/s):

Committee 1 (3 mbit/s):
Committee 1 (1 mbit/s):

Committee 2 (3 mbit/s):
Committee 2 (1 mbit/s):

Committee 3 (3 mbit/s):
Committee 3 (1 mbit/s):

Committee 4 (3 mbit/s):
Committee 4 (1 mbit/s):

For example, on a PC, load the VLC player, select "Open Network Stream" from the "Media Menu"

  • For the Dáil channel
    • select "UDP/RTP Multicast"
    • enter as the IP address
    • enter 1234 as the port number
    • Click "OK".
  • For the Seanad feed channel:
    • select "UDP/RTP Multicast"
    • enter as the IP address
    • enter 1234 as the port number
    • Click "OK".
  • For the Committee Room 1 channel: 
    • select "UDP/RTP Multicast"
    • enter as the IP address
    • enter 1234 as the port number
    • Click "OK".
  • Etc.

This is an experimental IPTV service. The televisions channels are converted from the SDI video format supplied by the Oireachtas Broadcasting Unit, and and provided as multicast MPEG4 on the Internet at 3 MBit/sec. and 1 MBit/sec using digital encoders with and SDI input.

This IPTV service is provided in association with HEAnet.

Rules of Coverage

Please note that use of Webcasts (including IPTV) and broadcasts of the Houses and Parliamentary Committees must be in accordance with the Standing Orders of both Houses and the Rules of Coverage in particular:

"... that recordings or extracts of the proceedings shall not be used in programmes of light entertainment, political satire, party political broadcasts or in any form of advertising or publicity, other than in the form of news and current affairs programme trailers...".

Any service provider who wishes to reuse the these IPTV streams should write to the Joint Committee requesting their agreement that they may use the feed from the Houses on their network, subject to the rules of coverage.

Please send any comments or queries about this Parliamentary IPTV service to:

Communications Unit,
Houses of the Oireachtas Service,
Leinster House,
Dublin 2,

Phone: + 353 (0) 1 618 3066
Fax: + 353 (0) 1 618 4035

email: communications@oireachtas.ie

HEAnet The Dáil and Seanad Webcasting and multicast IPTV services are provided in association with HEAnet, Ireland's National Education and Research network, a not for profit company established by the universities and the Higher Education Authority.

See also Watch and Listen, and IPTV on the Government Networks

The MPEG2 service was upgraded to MPEG4 in on 12 January 2010.

This service changed to widescreen from 1 December 2006