Business of Committee (Resumed)

We will resume in public session. Before we return to the the subject of the NTMA accounts, I will deal with one bit of housekeeping. It concerns our work programme for meetings in the autumn. I omitted something in the work programme. On the first day back on 20 September, we will deal with NAMA. That is agreed. On 27 September, we will hear from the former clinical director of CervicalCheck, Dr. Gráinne Flannelly. Obviously, members might be back for an update on 27 September. Dr. Flannelly has indicated her willingness to attend. We could not make the meeting last week so we will do it on our return. On 4 October, we will hear from the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. The Office of Public Works is down for the meeting on 11 October . We gave a commitment earlier in our correspondence with regard to a protected disclosure from a person in the Irish Prison Service. We discussed this matter in private session. It was agreed to meet the individual who has made the protected disclosure so that the committee could inform itself of matters. We can then deal directly with the Irish Prison Service. The secretariat will make the necessary arrangements with the individual concerned to meet us - probably in private session if that is the wish of the individual. I am proposing-----

A special sitting?

It will be Thursday, 11 October. The Office of Public Works is appearing before us on that day so it is a question of whether we do it first or last but it will be 11 October. On 18 October-----

Can we provisionally say 11 October and I will request that at the first meeting back, we re-check and reconsider it? We may need to bring it forward as a special sitting. We will leave it at 11 October but-----

That is a definite for now. If needs be and we have to deal with-----

If there are developments, we may need to bring it forward.

If we have to deal with it sooner, the committee can deal with that. The meeting on 18 October will deal specifically with housing.

The Thorn report on the University of Limerick was sent to us some time ago. What is the expected timeline of the report the Comptroller and Auditor General is doing?

Mr. Seamus McCarthy

I expect to complete that in August.

We might have it here then.

Mr. Seamus McCarthy

Yes. I would not expect the Department to hold it for longer.

By the end of September-----

Mr. Seamus McCarthy

It should be. I expect to have the Waterford Institute of Technology report.

By the end of August?

Mr. Seamus McCarthy

Maybe September for that one.

We can expect to see the reports on Limerick and Waterford early in the next term. I think Dr. Richard Thorn is dealing with the Kildare and Wicklow Education and Training Board, ETB.


His University of Limerick report is in. We have that already. The Comptroller and Auditor General is doing a separate report on Limerick which we will hopefully have around the end of September. He will have his report on the Waterford Institute of Technology but the report by the Higher Education Authority, HEA, does not seem to be at the stage of being ready for the committee yet.

We are doing this in public because people are watching and asking. Dr. Thorn is doing a report on the Kildare and Wicklow ETB. We will ask the secretariat to get an approximate timeline for that and circulate it to the committee. I am sure it is passably complete but we will get an update on when that is expected.

Mr. Seamus McCarthy

We are pressing ahead to finish the 2015 financial statements.

Mr. Seamus McCarthy

For Kildare and Wicklow ETB.

Despite the difficulties there.

Mr. Seamus McCarthy

We will try to draw that to a close so we can move on to the 2016 and 2017-----

They can be done quickly afterwards if we get to 2015.

Mr. Seamus McCarthy

I expect to include a supplementary report with that relating to the matters that have delayed the completion of the 2015 audit.

That is fine. I wanted to put all that on the public record because some people are interested in the work programme.