¹ said he had nothing to add to the report already presented.

1. Seán S. Ó Ceallaigh.

proposed adoption of report.

asked how many organisers were appointed and was the Department sure they were all working.

, replied that eight organisers were appointed. He said it was hard to find out under the conditions that existed whether the organisers were working or not. He got some complaints from Galway.

thought any man not doing the work should not be paid and a man willing to do the work put in his place.

said he would be going down the country to examine the work done and any man who had not done well would be dispensed with.

complained that the two organisers in his district were not doing much work.


² said he would like to see something on the programme of instruction for Irish primary schools about agriculture.

2. Robert Barton.

replied that could be arranged yet.


pointed out it was very difficult to do any work lately in the country. It was very hard to get suitable men. Men with a knowledge of Irish were almost impossible to get. There was no man in Ireland that the enemy was more against than the Irish inspector and many of them had been arrested. For the past year if a piece of paper written in Irish was found on a person he was immediately arrested and now no one was writing Irish. This year competitions at the Oireachtas fell to the ground.

Report was then put and adopted.

moved the adjournment of the House till 11 o'clock to-morrow. He said there were three more reports and two of them were fairly lengthy and would involve a long discussion.

seconded. Motion adopted.

Dáil adjourned at 6.20 p.m. till Tuesday morning at 11 a.m.