[August 26th, 1921]
WHEREAS certain persons purport to exercise Judicial, administrative and legislative functions without the authority of the Republic, by law established, and certain other persons act as Clerks, assistants and technical advisers to the same, BE IT ENACTED AS FOLLOWS:
1. The Minister may make regulations with regard to persons purporting without such authority to exercise such functions or any of them or with regard to any class of the same, or with regard to persons acting as Clerks, assistants or technical advisers to such persons, without such authority as aforesaid, or to any class of the same.
2. Such regulations may impose penalties by fine, imprisonment, banishment from a particular area or otherwise on persons so acting as aforesaid or any class of the same, and may provide the necessary means for the enforcement of such penalties, including the trial of offenders by military or Civil Courts.
3. "The Minister" for the purpose of this Decree shall mean the "Minister for Home Affairs" or such other Minister or Ministers as shall from time to time be nominated to act by the President.
4. Such regulations may from time to time be varied, amended, suspended or withdrawn by the Minister and new regulations may be substituted for any existing regulations.
5. Any regulations made or to be made from time to time under this Decree shall have the same force and effect as if they were incorporated in and formed part of this Decree.