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Dáil Éireann debate -
Wednesday, 26 Apr 1922

Vol. S2 No. 4


I move a supplementary estimate of £3,440 for the Department of Local Government. It includes a sum of £1,600 for relief in Galway, £750 of which, as I have explained, is a refund to Sligo Co. Council, and £500 for increase of salaries. The staff had to be increased and re-groupments in existing divisions took place. There is a sum of £308 for relief in Tory Island. £258 consists of relief to the people of that island. They are not subjects for assistance from local rates, as it has been reported to us that they do not pay rates and never did and according to the reports which came to us they were quite right not to have paid any of the rates because they have none of the advantages of the people who do pay rates—Poor Houses, J.P's, and the attributes of modern civilisation. There is also a sum of £280 for a motor car for the Department. It was found that the Engineering Inspector could not possibly get through with the work he was engaged on. An addition of two has been made to that staff since the Truce, and after careful consideration we came to the conclusion that it was absolutely essential to have the advantage of a car and a car was purchased. The total sum is £3,440. I accordingly move for that sum.



Would it not be better to wait until we have an opportunity of dealing with the reports before we take up the question of supplementary estimates? There is a mass of reports here including the report of the Local Government Minister. We have no opportunity of studying them. I think it is only fair to the members here that they should have an opportunity before voting further money to discuss it. So I would ask if it would not be possible to postpone this question?

I agree that it would be better procedure that the reports should be discussed before the estimates. The question is will we take up the discussion of the reports now or will we adjourn.

It would suit our side somewhat better if you would adjourn, because, as I said, there is a mass of reports we would like to go through.

Before the House adjourns, if it was a contentious matter a Decree would be brought in. The Local Government is one of those services which should be conducted without party politics. It is a matter of business and the question of politics ought not to enter into a well administered Local Government Department or a well administered Co. Council, Borough Council, Board of Guardians, or anything of the sort. Mr. de Valera, I believe, agreed with the proposal that was put forward at the Ard-Fheis in this connection. I do not see how any contentious matter comes into it. I do not want to bring up anything contentious in connection with the Local Government Department if it can be avoided. I want to know if there is any objection to the proposal? It is in the report of the General Council of County Councils and in substance it was agreed to at the Ard-Fheis. It is in the third last page of the report.

I think it would be better to leave the whole thing open to a general discussion.

I think it could be settled easily.

No, it is better to leave the whole thing open to a general discussion.

If the President is agreed I propose that we adjourn until to-morrow.

Until 3 o'clock.

I am satisfied.

The Dáil adjourned at 6.40 p.m.