Following statement signed by Eamon de Valera and Micheál O Coileáin read by An Ceann Comhairle:—
"We are agreed:—
"(1) That a National Coalition Panel for this Third Dáil, representing both Parties in the Dáil, and in the Sinn Féin Organisation, be sent forward on the ground that the national position requires the entrusting of the Government of the country into the joint hands of those who have been the strength of the national situation during the last few years, without prejudice to their present respective positions.
"(2) That this Coalition Panel be sent forward as from the Sinn Féin Organisation, the number for each Party being their present strength in the Dáil.
"(3) That the Candidates be nominated through each of the existing Party Executives.
"(4) That every and any interest is free to go up and contest the election equally with the National Sinn Féin Panel.
"(5) That constituencies where an election is not held shall continue to be represented by their present Deputies.
"(6) That after the election the Executive shall consist of the President, elected as formerly, the Minister of Defence, representing the Army, and nine other Ministers, five from the majority Party and four from the minority, each Party to choose its own nominees. The allocation will be in the hands of the President.
"(7) That in the event of the Coalition Government finding it necessary to dissolve, a General Election will be held as soon as possible on Adult Suffrage.
"Signed, Eamon de Valera, Mícheál O Coileáin."

I moved yesterday a motion that is still before the House on the election. With the leave of the House now I ask that the motion be amended to this:—

"Subject to the agreement arrived at between the Minister of Finance and Deputy de Valera and approved by Dáil Éireann an election is hereby declared for the following constituencies:—

(1) Mid. Dublin; (2) North-West Dublin; (3) South City (Dublin); (4) Borough of Cork; (5) Cavan; (6) Donegal; (7) Monaghan; (8) Dublin; (9) Offaly, Leix; (10) Kildare, Wicklow; (11) Wexford; (12) Carlow, Kilkenny; (13) Longford, Westmeath; (14) Louth, Meath; (15) Clare; (16) East Limerick, Borough of Limerick; (17) Kerry, West Limerick; (18) Cork East, Cork North East; (19) North Cork, Mid. Cork, West Cork, South Cork, South East Cork; (20) Tipperary, East Waterford, Borough of Waterford; (21) North Tipperary, Mid. Tipperary, South Tipperary; (22) Galway; (23) North Mayo, West Mayo; (24) South Mayo, South Roscommon; (25) East Mayo, Sligo, (26) Leitrim, North Roscommon; (27) National University; (28) Dublin University; dates as follows:— Nominations, 6th June, 1922; Polling, 16th June, 1922."

I ask now the leave of the House to substitute that motion for the motion I have already proposed. I understand the Whips on both sides have agreed and I just formally move the motion.

Just before the motion is moved, may we take it that the agreement has the approval of the House, or will this motion imply approval?

It does not in words.

I beg to propose that the agreement be approved.

I want to make it quite clear that in moving this motion I meant the approval of the House for this agreement.

If it is understood that the motion implies approval of the agreement I have great pleasure in seconding the proposal of the President.

If there is any doubt about it, we had better remove that doubt.

There is not any doubt.

This is a serious matter and there must be no doubt about it. In moving this motion, I meant the approval of the agreement arrived at. I want that clearly understood. This motion seems to me to imply the approval of the agreement before the House.

Amended motion put and carried unanimously.