I would move now, under the circumstances that have arisen and the hope—as we all sincerely have who have the interests of our country at heart—of our working together, as there are certain contentious matters on the programme, that this Dáil adjourns until Wednesday week. We have certain work to do and we have the Ard-Fheis on Tuesday. I move the adjournment of everything on the Orders except one very important matter. That is a matter, I think, there is no Party feeling about—what Deputy Cosgrave brought up about the £100,000 vote for the relief of distress. I think that ought to be dealt with now and after dealing with that we should adjourn. If, therefore, the Dáil agrees I move now that having dealt with the matter of the £100,000 for distress in Ireland the Dáil adjourns until Wednesday week.

I second that.

I have a report from the Joint Committee—an agreed report—with regard to that particular report. It is:

"The Committee approve of the allocation of £100,000 towards the formulation of definite schemes for the purpose of affording employment in districts where acute distress prevails.

"The distribution of the grant to be made according as advised by the Committee, subject to the approval of the Ministers of Labour and Local Government.

"That the Schemes put forward are to be based on the maximum amount of employment locally on construction works.

"That when real and permanent advantage is derived by any district for works which should be inaugurated within some years a local contribution shall be demanded in accordance with the ability of the local authority in that area.

"That when it is possible to avail of the machinery of local authorities the Committee shall utilise these bodies in expending monies. That a sum of £20,000 be made available immediately for the aforementioned purposes.

"Signed L.T. Mac Cosgair, Art O Conchubhair, Tomás O Donnchadha, P.C. Ruithléis, Domhnall O Cealleacháin, Richard Corish, Vincent White, Padráig O Máille, S. MagCraith."

Report adopted.

Motion for adjournment agreed to.