The next business on the Agenda is the nomination of the Ministry by the President.

Before proceeding to the nomination of the Ministry, I may here say that the Government is prepared to set aside Monday for the discussion of most of the questions raised by Deputy Johnson and Deputy O'Shannon. According to the rules of the Constitution of Dáil Eireann I now nominate the Ministry. I beg to nominate for the office of Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Desmond Fitzerald.

I take it that proposals from the President forming his Ministry do not require to be seconded.

I should like before this is put. to the vote to make one or two things. clear. I tried just now to extract a piece of information perfectly innocently.

I should have explained to the Deputy that the two Governments are to be assimilated.

It would reassure me somewhat if certain statements which have been made broadcast——

On what question is this.

It is on the question of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. There is an idea-if it be denied I will accept the denial from the new Minister, for one is anxious in every way possible to support the Government—that there is a section of opinion—official or semi-official— which desires to see our foreign affairs damped down or closed down. I should like Mr. Fitzgerald to assure us—before he is elected—that there is no intention to do any such thing, and that we may count upon our foreign relations being kept alive during the years of his office.

I understood this was to be a personal explanation.

This is a question affecting the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. I propose at the earliest possible moment to ask the Minister for Foreign Affairs to tell the House what is the policy of the Government with regard to the League of Nations, and trust it will be satisfactory. Personally, I think it is deplorable that our Delegates are not in Geneva now. I will say no more about that, but I think it is a matter of most urgent importance in the National interest that the Minister for Foreign Affairs should take a definite line of action with regard to Ireland's admission into the League of Nations.

With all respect, I say a great many knotty points have been raised here to-day which I certainly cannot follow. Has the President the power to appoint his own Ministry, or is it within the power of the Dáil to appoint his Ministry over him?

The President nominates his Ministry for the approval of the Dáil.

If the Dáil does not sanction the nominations of the President, where do we stand?

That will be a matter for the President himself. Is not that right?

I take it the Dáil approves of the appointment of Mr. Desmond Fitzgerald.