In accordance with the resolution passed here on the adjournment on Saturday, I met to-day representatives of the Ministerial Party, Labour Party and the Farmers' Party to decide upon the Standing Orders Committee. There were no official representatives of any other group. We came to an agreement, and I am sure the Dáil will endorse that agreement, which is embodied in a Resolution.

Before you proceed I rise to a point of order. I gave notice two days ago of a question of very considerable urgency. That question does not appear on the order of the day, and if I draw your attention to the Standing Orders adopted, on Saturday——.

Excuse me, we adopted no Standing Orders, and until we have done so the question cannot be raised.

Is it not a fact that we adopted the previous Standing Orders?

No, we have adopted none.

Do you rule that there are no Standing Orders? I think it is a question that was decided.

Without adopting Standing Orders.

I will raise the matter again.

I beg to propose that Deputies P. Hughes, P. Beaslai, W. Cole, L. de Roiste, J.B. Whelehan, W. O'Brien, R. Corish, J. Rooney, be and are hereby appointed to be a Committee of the Dáail to draft and prepare Standing Orders, to regulate the business of the Dáil, and to report to the Dáil thereon within three days, (b) that the Chairman of the Dáil be Chairman of the Committee.

I second the proposition.

I beg to point out that there is no such Party as an Independent Party. There are Independent Members in this sense that we were returned by virtue of a special provision in the Pact, and we were not included in the Official Panel. We are Independents, but we repudiate the description of Independent Party.

Very well, then. From the free and independent Members, if I may say so.

It is desirable that every possible group in the Dáil be represented. The motion is proposed and seconded.

In view of the fact that Deputy Darrell Figgis was Chairman of the Standing Orders Committee, may I ask why is his name left off? We, as Independents, if not a Party— we do not claim representation as a Party—but I do think that men who prepared, or who helped, to prepare, Standing Orders ought not to be left off it.

There are no Standing Orders, and no one's name is being left off. The arrangement made was that representatives of the Parties would meet me for the purpose of appointing a Committee. These representatives met me and agreed upon certain names.

Would it be in order to move that the name of Deputy Darrell Figgis be added to the list?

That might be moved as an amendment?

No. The reason we left the Independent group vacant was to give the Independent Members an opportunity of naming one of their own men.

Give us a name?

If the Dáil is satisfied that any additional name of a Member be added, I will take it.

I think, as we are all Independent, and not belonging to any Party, the wise course would be to put all the Independents on this Committee.

I think the Independents are sufficiently represented, as they are supporters of the Government on the broad and general policy.

I am in the hands of the Dáil.

May I suggest that the use of the term "Parties" is purely a matter of convenience? We are all Independent Members to the Chairman. So far as we are concerned, it is purely a matter of convenience whether the Committee should comprise nine or ten names.

No; eight names.

Well, names to comprise a Committee of nine. I suggest if we pass eight, there can be a motion to make an additional name and make the Committee nine.

I think there is general agreement that Deputy Figgis's name go on.

I am in the hands of the Dáil. There is only one motion before the Dáil.

I think the Parties are sufficiently represented, inasmuch as we will support the Government's policy in its broad general terms.

We have not heard the policy yet.

Are we to get on with the motion?

Resolution put and agreed to.