To ask the Postmaster-General when he intends to reduce the postage on Post Cards to one half-penny.

I regret that it is not possible at the present time to re-consider the decision of the Government, which was taken after full consideration of the relative facts, not to reduce the postage rates at present. I shall be obliged if the Honourable Member will raise the matter again after Christmas.

I do not think the explanation of the Postmaster-General is altogether satisfactory, and I want to say——

Have you any further question to ask?

I want to say——

You cannot make a speech; you must ask a question or sit down.

I want to ask if he will explain to the Dáil why the postal rates are not now reduced, and if he is aware that circulars and other postal matter are posted in England, to, addresses in Ireland, in order to save postal expenses?

Yes; I am aware; and it is an unfortunate thing for trade in Dublin, in particular, and elsewhere, that certain printed matter is being posted in England, because of the high postal rates here, but the relative facts referred to in my answer are mainly concerned with heavy loss, amounting to a million and a half, in running the Irish Post Office.