Sara dtosnóimíd ar obar an lae iniu ba mhaith liom a rá go raibh cruinniú, den Choiste ar Bhuan-Orduithe againn iniú, agus táid siad ar aon aigne mar ghéall ar na hOrduithe seo. Beidh siad cló-bhuailte amáireach agus beidh siad anso againn Dé Lúain.

Before you come to the Orders of the Day I just rise to ask this question. Would it be possible to arrange that Members should receive these Orders of the Day early, or if it is possible to publish in some way the Notices of Motion that have been made, say, the night before, or in the morning papers at least?

The Notices of Motion appearing on the Orders, of the day were only received as the Dáil was rising yesterday evening. Under the Standing Orders, about which we will have an announcement to make, I think it is provided for that the Orders of the Day will be furnished to Members twenty-four hours in advance. That, I hope, will be in operation next week.