1. To ask the President who is now in charge of the Publicity Department of the Government and at what salary, and how many persons are employed on the staff of the Publicity Department; further, to ask the President whether he will, on behalf of the Government, repudiate the policy of a propaganda directed to increasing the political bitterness in the country as advocated by certain minor propagandists.

2. To ask the President whether he will circulate to Members the Draft Constitution in the form in which it was taken by delegates from the Provisional Government to London in June last, in order that the Dáil, sitting as Constituent Assembly, may be in a position to see whether and how far that draft differs from the Draft Constitution subsequently published officially in the Press; and further, to ask the President whether he will circulate that earlier Draft before the present Draft Constitution is brought before the Dáil for discussion.

The Publicity Department is now being incorporated in the Foreign Affairs Department. It means an addition of four to the staff of the Foreign Affairs Department. I don't think the Government can propose to interfere with the rights of individuals to express opinions, except in so far as it is necessary to do so for the maintenance of Law and Order. The second question is being left over.

With the President's leave, I will not put the second question. I think it is rather premature and I defer it to another day.

The second question is therefore withdrawn?