To ask the Postmaster-General if he is aware that the following members of the telegraphic staff, Cork, viz., Messrs. J. Barry, M.V. Downes, W. Houlihan, H. O'Mahony, and J. L. Buckley, were suspended from duty on the 26th ultimo by the Officer Commanding, Cork, and if he will state for what reason and on what charge they were suspended; and whether they will be given an opportunity to answer the charges, if any, which have led to their suspension.

I am informed that the officers referred to co-operated with the Irregular forces who were in occupation of the Cork Post Office, to a degree that was incompatible with their duties as Civil Servants. An opportunity of meeting the charges will be offered to them in due course.

I would like to ask the Postmaster-General how soon will these people be given an opportunity of answering the charges, because my opinion is that they are not connected in any way with the irregular movement?

In view of the Post Office Strike, it is impossible to say when we may have an opportunity of considering the charges against those officers, but I am sure, and I can promise the senior Deputy for pork, that when the position becomes normal no time will be lost in proceeding.