If I might intervene for a moment in connection with a question put to me last week by Deputy Darrell Figgis, Member for County Dublin:—

"To ask the President of the Dáil what Commissions and Committees have been appointed by the Executive; to state the terms of reference for each Commission or Committee; to state the persons appointed to serve on each Committee, with the Chairman of each Commission or Committee. Further, to ask the Chairman when it is his intention to move for the confirmation of such appointments by Dáil Eireann."

There were 4 Commissions appointed: one was the Property Compensation Committee set up by agreement between the Provisional Government and the British Government, better known as the Shaw Commission; (2) the Irish Railways Commission; (3) the Postal Commission, (4) the Civic Guard Commission. There was also Departmental `Cost of Living' Committee which is not strictly a Commission. Strictly speaking, also No. 3, the Postal Commission, was not a Commission in the same sense. No. 4, the Civic Guard Commission, is not a Commission either in the sense in which, I think, the question was put down. The Terms of Reference of the Property Commission, set up by agreement between the British Government and the Irish Provisional Government are set out in two pages of printed matter. If the Dáil desires it I will read out the Terms of Reference.

Could not they be circulated to the Dáil?

They could be circulated, if so desired.