47. Officers of the Dáil shall include a Clerk and a Captain of the Guard.
48. The Clerk shall be responsible to the Ceann Comhairle for all secretarial business arising in connection with the Dáil, and shall keep records of its proceedings.
49. The Captain of the Guard shall discharge the following duties:—
(a) He shall admit and exclude strangers from Debates, and shall preserve order and decorum amongst them while present.
(b) He shall take into custody persons irregularly admitted to the Dáil, and persons guilty of disorderly conduct, and shall cause the removal of persons who have been directed to withdraw.
(c) He shall control the members of the Guard, and shall carry out such orders as may be given him by the Ceann Comhairle.
(d) He shall be responsible to the Ceann Comhairle for the internal safety of the buildings of the Dáil, and for this purpose shall supervise the lighting and other apparatus, and shall take all other steps necessary for this purpose.