73. The following Motions may be made without notice:—
(a) A Motion to adjourn in accordance with Standing Orders 14 and 15.
(b) A Motion to suspend a Member from the service of the House or from a Committee.
(c) A Vote of Condolence moved by the President or a Member of the Ministry acting in his place.
(d) A Motion fixing the number and quorum and appointing the Chairman of a Special Committee to consider Bill which has passed its Second Reading, and for nominating the Members of such Committee.
(e) A Motion made in the absence the Ceann Comhairle and Leas-Cheann Comhairle that a Teachta shall preside. Such a Motion shall not be debated.
(f) A Motion by permission of Ceann Comhairle that the Dáil adjourn for a period not exceeding two hours.
(g) A Motion that the Dáil continue to sit later than 7 p.m. Such a Motion shall be made only by a Minister, and shall not be debated.
(h) A Motion under Rule 65, which shall be decided without debate, to allow the moving of additional amendments.
74. A Motion for the appropriation or expenditure of money may be moved only by a Minister.
75. A Motion proposed but not voted on at any sitting shall be taken up and decided on at the next sitting of the Dáil.
76. Business on the Agenda for any day which has not been reached may, without notice, be taken up next day after Questions and dealt with or further postponed; but if not taken up next day, shall again be put on the Agenda.