The Terms of Reference are:—

"(a) The Financial position and earning powers of the several Railway Undertakings, including those in receipt of Baronial Guarantees.

"(b) The best means consolidating or otherwise working the different Railways in the future, and of providing the Rolling Stock and other equipment used on the Railways.

"(c) The remuneration and conditions of employment of the salaried and wages staff and arrangements for the future settlement of questions relating to such matters.

"(d) Any other matters affecting the working and administration of the railways upon which in the opinion of the Commission it is expedient to Report in the interests of the proprietors of the Railway Companies, the employés and the public.”

The others are inter-departmental, and it might be well that I should read them out:—

"That an Independent Commission of Five Members be set up to enquire into the Wages and Salaries, Organisation of Work, and Conditions generally in the Post Office, and to report what alterations, if any, are desirable.

"That in the cases of the principal classes of Post Office servants, and of such of the other classes as the Commission may think necessary, the first task of the Commission shall be to determine whether the present basic wage can bear the recent cut, this to be determined by the 15th May, 1922, and that the Commission shall be empowered to recommend, in the cases of classes where the cut is regarded as not being justified, an increase of the basic wage as from the 1st March, without prejudice of the general findings.

"That the Commission shall then consider the general question of Wages and Salaries, Organisation of Work, and Conditions generally.

"That the Commission shall have the right to determine what subjects may properly be regarded as coming under the terms of reference, and what evidence is admissible.

"That three be the quorum, of which one must be a nominee of the Irish Labour Party.

"The Commissioners to be:—

"Mr. JAMES G. DOUGLAS, Chairman.


"Mr. H. J. FRIEL,

"Nominated by the Provisional Government.

"Mr. L.J. DUFFY (Distributive Workers),

"Mr. T.J. O'CONNELL (Irish Teachers)

"Nominated by the Irish Labour Party."