I beg to ask the Minister for Industry and Commerce whether he has considered the question of restricting the importation of foreign milled flour during such time as Irish flour mills are wholly or partially idle, and, if so, to state the policy of the Government on the proposal.

The question of restrictions on the importation of foreign flour has arisen indirectly in the course of wages negotiations between employers and employed in the Irish flour mills, but no Government decision has been arrived at on the matter. I propose to discuss the position with the parties concerned.

May I ask the Minister whether he has any knowledge of an individual named White who approached the English millers stating that he was acting for the Provisional Government, and asking them to send supplies to the southern districts in Ireland, as there was a great shortage existing in these districts, while at the time these southern mills were fully stocked and the majority of the mills were working short time owing to lack of orders?

I have no knowledge of that.

Will the Minister make enquiries into the matter?

I think the Deputy had better put down another question.