To ask the Minister for Education whether his attention has been called to the conditions of service of lay teachers in secondary schools; whether four lay teachers have been dismissed peremptorily from St. Mary's College, Dundalk, one of them without receiving notice, and all of them within a period of three months; whether he will inquire into the matter of these dismissals; and whether the Minister for Education will take steps to make the position in secondary schools more secure.

The attention of the Minister had not previously been drawn to the particular instances of dismissal referred to, concerning which he is seeking further information. The conditions of employment of Secondary Teachers vary in different schools. The question of the reform of Secondary Education has been dealt with in answer to a previous question on the 19th inst.

May I ask, if when the Minister has got further information of these dismissals he will let me know its nature.

With regard to that supplementary question, I am not exactly sure what my powers of acquiring information on these points are. As stated in the answer to the question, I am seeking further information, and if any further information is available I shall be very glad to place it at the disposal of the Deputy and the Dáil.