To ask the Minister for Defence if he will take immediate steps to speed up payments of Separation Allowances to dependants of members of the National Army.

I would refer the Deputy to the answer given on the 21st September to Deputy Figgis. Everything that is possible is being done to see that there will be no case of Dependants' Allowances unattended to or delayed. If there are any cases that come to the particular notice of any Deputies, and if on any of these cases they wish to test, as it were, the whole system, I would be glad if they would refer as complete particulars as possible to me, and I will furnish full reports on these particular cases.

Arising out of the Deputy's reply, might I ask him whether we should send the complaints officially to him or to the Paymaster? I have at the present moment a pocket full of them?

I would be very glad if general complaints were addressed to the Chief Paymaster at Portobello. If a member wanted to bring under my own notice a particular case as a sample, that would be addressed to myself.