To ask the President if he will now name the Government's nominees for the Senate; if not, will he state whether their names will be published before the Deputies hand in their nominations for the Senators to be elected by the Members of the Dáil.

I am not yet in a position to make any statement in regard to this matter. The Deputy will, I am sure, have known by this time that it is the President who will be elected, when the Saorstát is established, who will make these nominations.

May I ask if the President will answer the second portion of the question, so as to prevent overlapping—will the President's nominations be published before the ordinary private Members hand in theirs? It is quite possible, for instance, that I may nominate somebody who has already been selected by the President; and on the other hand, the Government may nominate somebody that a private Member has already suggested. My idea is to prevent overlapping.

I take it the procedure will be that immediately the President is appointed he will publish the names of those who will be nominated by him. Some indication can be given to Members, I think by Monday, as to the proposed personnel, should the appointment of the President be from the present Cabinet, but it will be understood that the President who is to be elected is the person who will make those nominations.