I am giving my nominations for the Seanad in alphabetical order. The first name is Mr. John Bagwell, who lives in Clonmel and who is an engineer, I think, on the Great Northern Railway; the second is Mr. H. G. Burgess; the third is the Dowager Countess of Desart, who is the only Kilkenny nomination on the list; the fourth is Lord Dunraven; the fifth is Mr. J.C. Dowdall, of Cork; the sixth is Sir Thomas Grattan Esmonde; the seventh is Sir Nugent Everard; the eighth is Edmund W. Eyre; the ninth is Mr. Martin Fitzgerald; the tenth is Dr. Oliver St. John Gogarty; the eleventh is Mr. James Perry Goodbody, of Limerick; the twelfth is Mr. Henry Guinness, Governor of the Bank of Ireland; the thirteenth is Lord Granard; the fourteenth is Lord Glenavy; the fifteenth is Capt. Grear, the Curragh; the sixteenth is Mr. Benjamin Haughton, of Cork; the seventeenth is the Marquis Headfort; the eighteenth is Mr. Andrew Jameson; the nineteenth is Mr. Arthur Jackson, of Sligo; the twentieth is Sir John Keane, Cappoquin, Co. Waterford; the twenty-first is Lord Kerry, son of the Marquis of Lansdowne; the twenty-second is Sir Bryan Mahon; the twenty-third is Lord Mayo; the twenty-fourth is Mr. James Moran. Now I have not had a reply from Sir Hutchinson Poë, but I think he will accept; the twenty-fifth is Mrs. Wyse-Power; the twenty-sixth is Sir Horace Plunkett; the next is Dr. Sigerson; the next is the Earl of Wicklow; and the last is Mr. W. B. Yeats.

May I ask the President whether there would be any relationship or any barrier between a peer nominated for the Senate and a peer who is a member, whether an Irish Representative Peer or not, of the House of Lords?

The only point that I took into consideration was, if they were Irish, or had residences in Ireland, if they were willing to act and if they represented an order that was not adequately represented in the Dáil. These are the points that I took into consideration.

In connection with the election of the thirty members of the Seanad by the Dáil, I would remind Deputies that to-morrow at twelve o'clock is the last moment for receiving nominations. I take it that the Dáil will adjourn until 3 o'clock to-morrow for the purpose of the election.

Will any list be issued to-night of the nominations that have been received up to to-night? That was more or less hoped for.

All the nominations received by me from Deputies have been issued, except the nominations which the President proposed to put in of those people whose names were sent to him from the various bodies in the country. These we have only just received and their names have been published in various places, but we would make an endeavour to get them out. Any other nominations received by me will be sent out. I think there is none to-day.

Motion made and question put: "That the Dáil adjourns until 3 o'clock to-morrow."


The Dáil adjourned at 7.50 p.m.